candle shop

by lillythehtcat

dt shimmied down..said..

whats up little buddy..enjoying the pool..

very funny..

seriously..what have you been working on..

my latest going to make a fortune..

what is it this time..

a candle shop..

a what..

a candle going to set up a shop in the parking garage and sell candles..

candle shop aromatherapy..scented..pillars..tapers..specialty candles..votives..


thats what we are talking about..

im talking about know for light..

and why do we need candles for light..

well..while you morons have been wringing your hands about refilling the pool..i have discovered another cost cutting plot which i..the genius i going to capitalize on..

i bite..whats the plot..

well now that everyone revolted and we turned the air conditioners back on..the man in the shadows has come up with another brilliant cost saving plot..


go on..

theyre going to reduce the brightness of all the light bulbs..inside and save money..

oh great the hallways already look like a dudgeon..

and thats where i come in..when you park your car at night and cant find the building because its so the cats candle shop will be there to sell you a candle to light the way..

how do you know about this..

the maintenance guy was out front taking a bulb survey..i sat there and watched him..

for real..

yep..its going to add a romantic atmosphere to wonderland..everyone walking around in the dark with a candle…….supplied by moi..

good god..what next..

a delivery truck..

candle truck