dead as a parrot

by lillythehtcat

dt sloshed down said..

have you noticed all the dead shrubbery..especially out front..

yeah those holly bushes have been half dead since winter..

and our illustrious leaders are in denial…oh no theyre not dead..theyre going to come back to patient everything is just fine..


theyre not dead..dont tell me theyre dead..

i don’t want to hear it..

and the magnolias..

oh theyre going to return to life also..

but its august..

if it hasnt come back by august..


dead as a parrot..

dead as a parrot..what..

dont you remember the old dead parrot skit..where the shop keeper wont admit the parrots dead..


so….wonderland has its own shop keeper..

and we have a dead parrot..

shame we cant eat this one..


hey dt..


same bet..