gas gas gas

by lillythehtcat

dt stomped down..woke me up..said..

are you still asleep..

im a cat..

you havent been up yet..youre not napping youre sleeping..

it was a hard weekend..i think it was one continuous pool party..

i heard..

sunday was all the young dudes..all day..


yeah you know..

all the young dudes

carry the booze

i think the lyric is..carry the news..

not sunday..sunday all the young dudes were carrying the booze..


pool party 2

anyway saturday was one of the biggest pool parties ive seen in years..and oh boy did i eat this weekend..bean dip..pork roast..fried was great..

you went to these parties..

sort of..

well i didnt hear anything about you being there..

i was on the know i dont like large crowds..

you dont like people..

but the food was awesome..

you were in the weeds werent you..looking pathetic and waiting for scraps..


did you fart..

i hope so..let me check..


did i tell you there was bean dip..

i think all of wonderland and half the county knows you ate the bean dip..

well its aaaallllll riiiiiiiightttt now

in fact its just gas..

thats not how that song goes..mick the cat..

it does this morning..

well its aaaallllll riiiiiiiightttt now

in fact its just gas..

im going upstairs..i hope there are no open flames down here..

oooooohh jumpin jack cat is a gas gas gas..