could be worse

by lillythehtcat

i shagged dt down in the parking garage..

hey..who has the electric blanket..

the what..

you know the electric kitty pad wonderland bought for me last winter..

its in storage..its summer..why..

i like to have froze my tail off last night..

it wasnt that cold..

uh huh..did you sleep outside last night..

well no but..

well no but blood is all thinned out for was wet and cold and an electric kitty pad sure would have been nice..

well youll be alright..its going to warm up today..

well youll be alright my furry try living outside when your blood is all thinned out and…

well im sure the polar bears are happy..

polar bears..what the heck are you talking about…

everyone knows the polar bears are suffering because of global warming..

well send me an email when global warming shows up in wonderland..

you dont believe in global warming..

not when i was freezing my butt off in july..and when was the last time you saw a polar bear in wonderland..lets talk about keeping moi happy..the cute fluffy condo cat..

you cant deny wonderlands contribution to global warming..

on second thought maybe your right..

you werent really that cold..wonderland is guilty of global warming..

no..what wonderland needs is a condo polar bear instead of a cute cat..

a condo polar bear..

yep..that would sure speed up the evolutionary process in wonderland..


just try to beat the bear to your car..

you know some of those potential victims of your evolutionary process happen to feed you on occasion..

well maybe on a globally warmed cold night in july those potential victims should be damn glad they have a cute condo cat instead of a condo polar bear and break the ol kitty pad out of storage..

a cute condo cat that denies global warming and has a blog..

could be worse..could be a polar bear with a blog..


go ahead..make my day