the glue

by lillythehtcat

wes made a very rare appearance..said..

you know what the problem is with your blog..

theres a i paying you..

well no..uh..but how about some criticism..

i dont deal very well with criticism..


you are going ahead with this arent you..

heres the always jump on the negative..theres no positive..

how about my stellar obits..tributes..come on…

ok..exception to the rule.. but cant you find anything positive to say without a death involved..

ok.. i have a positive..a big one.. but it takes being critical to set it up..

jeez just cant be positive..

listen up geeko..listen and learn..heres the deal.. wonderland had a meeting of all the residents..not restricted to owners..


there you go..

ok..ok..anyway..a meeting to come up with cost saving wonderland money..anyway someone suggested getting rid of our one employee..and replace him with contractors..


are you kidding i have two people in wonderland that take care of me..and he is one of them..this man is the definition of martin luther king jr said..every man must decide whether he will walk in the light of creative altruism or in the darkness of destructive selfishness..and our guy walks in the light..a kind..honest..god fearing..good man..

who happens to feed you every morning..

speaks to his goodness..when was the last time you poured food in my bowl..


wonderland wouldnt be wonderland without this man..he is everything that is good about wonderland and anyone who thinks he can be replaced by a contractor..or under estimates his contribution to wonderland will have his leg gnawed off by one irate cat..

well said..

look..there are a bunch of people in wonderland that read this blog secretly..we know this..but everyone in wonderland that reads this needs to go give the glue that keeps this place running a big hug and a thank you..

because..this man cant be replaced..and we all should be grateful that he is part..maybe the heart..of wonderland..and for those brave enough to admit reading this..pass it on..give the man a thank him a card..give him a hug..a trophy..


tell him why he is important to all of us..

and to the dumb ass that put this dumb ass suggestion into print..that questioned this wonderful assets worth..that hung a cloud over his future..shame on you..

couldnt end on the positive..could you..

bite me..i love this guy..