happy independence day

by lillythehtcat


dt popped down said..

happy fourth little buddy..

and a happy fourth to you..i was thinking that i am a model of independence here in wonderland..

what are you talking about..

im totally independent..i pay no taxes..i receive no government assistance..i do what ever i want..i…

you squall at the front door if your food dish isnt filled every ninety minutes..

thats me making you all dependent on my presence..

uh huh…

what wonderland needs is a lesson in independence..

here it comes..

no..seriously..you people are always griping about the board spending money and talking about raising taxes..you should declare your independence..

a protest against taxation..raising fees..the condo board..

sure..throw their wine in the pool..

oh jeez..im going back upstairs..

hey..come on we can light some sparklers..

im going to go have a cup a tea..

independence my foot..


sparklers anyone..cheesy bits…