a fictional f…ing cat

by lillythehtcat

dt washed in..i said..so how was the one holer shorty..

well according to wonderlands edward snowden..wes.. totally unnecessary..


well the problem that led up to this fiasco..according to the plumber..was corrected last year..been working fine since then..

so what was this major project about..

well we replaced the main sewer line..


well according to the plumber..his own words..we have never had a stoppage in the main line..

lets get this straight..the problem that led up to two days of no water and no toilets in wonderland was fixed last year..and the pipe..we just paid almost 9 grand to replace..had never been a problem..according to the plumber that replaced it..so wonderland just spent almost 9 big ones for…


who..in the name of everything holy..is running this place..we dont know what documents govern wonderland..we dont understand the documents that do govern wonderland..we cant produce an accurate budget..we refuse to correct it even after we know its crap..and we just spent almost 9 thousand dollars fixing a non-problem..

it dosent matter..

it dosent matter..

no..because you have been deemed a…fictional f…ing cat..

a what..

a fictional f…ing cat..

yeah and wonderland is a fictional f…ing condo..and we are governed by a fictional f…ing board..spending..

real f…ing money..


on non-problems

meanwhile..we have an unresolved law suit and a fire alarm problem..which by the way..

is not a fictional f…ing problem..

are you listening wonderland..


f…ing fictional lilly