by lillythehtcat

i caught dt peeing behind a parked car…

don’t pee on the electric car..itll fry your willy..ppppffffttttttt..

shut up..leave me alone..

whats with the return to nature shorty..

the plumbings out in wonderland..


yeah..theyre replacing the sewer line..no water..no bathroom..no civilization..didn’t you see all the digging out back..

i thought wonderland was adding an onsite cemetery..


what would make you think that..

i saw the coffin out front..

thats not a coffin genius..its a port-a-potty..

you mean all of wonderland is going to poop and pee in that single coffin..

its not a coffin..

not yet..

jeez this is disgusting..

well pull up a chair and lets watch..this is going to be good..wait till that last cup of coffee hits those itchy colons..

your not funny..

you people walk around behind your mutts picking up dog poo..well..except for your neighbor who has turned the lawn behind the dumpster into a haz-mat site..anyway picking up dog poo in little plastic bags and carry it around with you and now you are all going to share a one holer..pppfffftttt..how long is this going to last..

all day..nine hours..

you know you all really missed the boat on this..

how so..

well the geniuses that have been pushing for a fee increase could have put a pay toilet out there..had a burrito party at the pool the night before..problem solved..

anyone got a quarter..i gotta goooooo…pppfffttttt..

porta potty

this was so unpopular the board wont have anything to do with it..


they made the management company print the notice on the management companys letterhead..like they didnt have anything to do with it..and then they had the management guy drive across town to post the notice on the bulletin board..couldnt be seen doing the dirty work..

reminds me of a steely dan song..

i’m a fool to do your dirty work
oh yeah
i don’t wanna do your dirty work
no more
i’m a fool to do your dirty work
oh yeah

oh and what hours will there be no water and toilets..

the hours our beloved leader works im sure..

you got it….gotta go to the office..good luck with the one-holer..

modern leadership..

i didnt do it..see ya later..