by lillythehtcat

dt wooshed in said…

have you got the agenda finished for the board meeting..

finishing up right now oh trusted informant..and here it is..

june board meeting


correction of erroneous citation of the wrong by-laws

lawsuit step

legal expenditures..year to date..or why the lawyer is on speed dial

welcoming committee..anyone been welcomed..anyone…fyi asking if you have a criminal record is not considered welcoming

retract error filled capital budget

budget committee..set june meeting date

spending freeze

roof fund update

finish of wall planters

landscape lighting pointing into space or ufo beacons

dead limb removal..pool and trees out front

pool bushes..pruning

pool flowers..hey its june already

fire alarms or how we are about to lose our money making contract and spend a kazillion dollars

board vacancy

entry carpet..isnt the weather nice enough yet

pool pump repair so debby can do her thing


wow..thats quite a list..

thats what i thought..


things pile up when you can only do one thing at a time..

one ball

guess juggling with more than one ball is out of the question..


oh by the way our board geniuses got the date of the meeting wrong..tuesday is june 3 not the 6th.

ironic..june 6th is d day…