cover party

by lillythehtcat

dt popped in..said..

good gawd..whats the matter with you..


you look jaundice..whats that yellow all over your face..



squash..if im going to have to eat squash at the bar-b-que..well..i thought i had better practice..

whered you get squash..

squash casserole

out of the dumpster..

i think im going to be sick..

me too..that stuff is terrible..

why do you think you have to eat squash..

what..remember you told me that the peasant caste couldnt eat bar-b-que at the pool party..i was relegated to the covered dish table..

actually under the covered dish table..

ok ok..i know with the possum and racoons..

dont worry someone will probably bring asparagus..


quit worrying..this is a cover party..everyone will get a morsel of bar-b-que..

a cover mean cover dish party..

no a cover cover up all the animosity the board has created by instituting a caste system in wonderland..

come to the pool..welcome in have a bite of bar-b-que..dont worry that your a non-property owning happy to be in my company..dont say anything politically incorrect..dont ask about the lawsuit or how much money we have spent on lawyers this year..or why 6000 bucks worth of landscaping is dead..or why we havent told you about all the incorrect emails we sent you..or how the budget is full of errors..or how we were planning to raise the fees without a vote because we read the wrong documents…oh did you make the squash casserole..i must have the recipe..

a cover party..

why do we have to treat people differently in such a small community..

pool party



psychology..i cant be superior if you are not made inferior..

youre kidding..

fraid not..

so if im inferior and want to be superior i have to make you inferior even though you may be superior while i am inferior so that i can be superior to the inferior you..even though i am still inferior and you are superior.. could be a psychologist..

my head going to go hunt to get the taste of squash out of my mouth..among other things..