let em eat squash casserole

by lillythehtcat

dt sulked down..said..

jeez wonderland is getting complicated..

how so..

we have so many classifications of residents..theres owners..then there are family members who are not on the deed..theres folks we cant figure out if they are a family or just roomies..and trustees and renters..and…

let me simplify the caste system for you..in wonderland theres royalty..

louis and marie

and peasants..


if your name is on that ever so sacred deed..your royalty..and if not..you are a peasant..

well that is simpler..

so lets get to what im excited about..

whats that..

a bar-b-que bring-a-dish get together at the pool..

for royalty..

no I think for everyone..well not the bar-b-que..only royalty gets bar-b-que..the peasants will eat off the covered dish table..

squash casserole

go have some more squash casserole..no one wants to take that home..

so why is this so important to you..

i will be eating tender morsels of  bar-b-que that slide off the royal plates..

you will be fighting possums and racoons for scraps under the table like the peasant cat you are..

whoa wuh whoa whoa whoa..peasant cat…

is your name on a deed..

well no..but…

remember..according to you..if your names not on the deed..you are a peasant..


and royal cats will be lounging in air conditioned condos..on silk pillows..waiting to have bar-b-que brought back to them..

cat and ml

what royal cats..

probably your offspring..

the bastards..


well crap..pass the squash casserole.