kung pao

by lillythehtcat

dt diddy bopped down said..

whats got your little furry butt so captivated on the ol dell..

i cant get over this video of the cat running off the dog that attacked that little boy..


pretty neat huh..thats one special cat..

hey..i would do the same for you..

how so..

if some mutt attacked you id put the ol kung pao on em..outta here you rabid cur..

kung pao..

yeah…aaaiiiiiiiieeeeeeeeeee..meet your maker flea bait..

kung pao is a chinese chicken dish..

kung pao

that sounds delicious..we havent had chinese in a while..why dont you get some take out..

last time we did that you picked all the chicken out..left the rice and the sauce..

rice gums me up…well how about some kfc..extra crispy..

i thought we were talking about cats taking on dogs..

we were but im kinda hungry..i was all geared up for a bar-b-que pool party sunday and the yo-yo operators that run this place couldnt get the pool open..couldnt find the phone..

its hard for old people to remember where they put things..

hey maybe they should call the number and listen for the ring..

one ringy dingy…


hey wonderland..phone..its for you..

while youre out getting a phone how about picking up some chicken..i want to be up to fighting weight in case one of wonderlands fluff ball mutts tries to steal the phone..