hose garden

by lillythehtcat

dt slinked down..said..

whats up little buddy..

what the heck is that out front..

what are you talking about..

by the front door..

the landscaping..

landscaping..it looks like a hose garden out there..hey look wonderland..we are growing hose pipes..hope theyre a cash crop..we have plenty of them..


theyre suppose to bury the hoses for irrigation..

with what a backhoe..

well dont feel alone..a lot of people are grumbling about the landscaping..


grumbling..after spending 6000 dollars on dead shrubs and sea-grass they ought to be revolting..further more the trees damaged by the falling pine were never pruned..the yards all torn up where the tree fell..azaleas didnt bloom..everything planted is half dead..the place looks like chernobyl..


and wonderland spent 6000 bucks.

well your right..that is a lot for what we are seeing..

a box of cracker jack would be a lot..

one of our residents said we went from a zen garden to a dead prairie..


hey..put a dead cow skull out there..tell everyone its a theme garden..

death valley..

speaking of death valley you know some of the realtors thought we were a nursing home..

well we need a nursery..a garden nursery..

or someone who cares..

we need a refund.