one ringy dingy

by lillythehtcat

dt jingled down says..

heres a riddle for many board members does it take to buy a telephone..

heres a better long does it take wonderlands board to find or purchase a phone..

well..the obvious answer is over a week and half…

ppppfffffftttttt..hey wonderland..your phone is ringing..


we better explain this latest example of ineptness..

well the pool was suppose to open on the 15th..but there has to be a phone out there for emergencies..and a week and a half ago when they went looking for the phone…well it couldn’t be found..


and for a week and half..well nothing has happened..

and we get an email saying that..

The pool is awaiting a final inspection.

no..the pool inspector is waiting to be informed that wonderland has a pool phone..

and meanwhile nobody comes to the pool with snackies and cheesy bits and i go hungry..

you  are not going hungry..

hey..i like the socializing the conversation..hanging out with the pool people..

you mean hiding in the bushes till everyone leaves so you can beat the possum to the spilled goods..

so im a little shy..

uh huh..

i just dont understand why it takes so long to procure a simple phone..hey people in charge heres a novel your butt over to the wallymart or the target and pick up a by-golly hard is this..

hey wait a sec..its a phone call…..its for you..

shut up.