by lillythehtcat

dt skulked down..said..

you know im longing for a simpler time around here..

i know what you mean..

how did things get so complicated..

hey..ive got an idea..we can rename wonderland..we can call the place mayberry and instead of dt ill call you barney..


uh..thats not what i had in mind..

i kinda like the thought..what were you thinking..

i just think we should be able to do what is know..common sense..have respect for our neighbors..


stop it..

ok barn…

look.. every time we make a simple decision..things we have done around here for thirty something

we have to call the lawyer..

make lilly the cat go away..

call the lawyer..

where shall we park..

call the lawyer..

oh no..thats not what i was thinking..

call the lawyer back..

can we make oppressive rules..

call the lawyer..

oh no they did it anyway..

call the lawyer..

can we fine our neighbors..

call the lawyer..

i still dont like lilly the cat..

call the lawyer..

cut down your neighbors trees..

call the lawyer..

can we discriminate..

call the lawyer..

a called for meeting..

call the  lawyer..

who can come to the meeting..

call the lawyer..

sorry neighbor you can’t come..

we called the lawyer..

but my spouse isnt on the deed..

call the lawyer..

dont want to face the association alone..

call the lawyer..

i dont remember there being a lawyer in mayberry..

just folks with common sense..

and a sense of decency..

you know what i think..

someones addicted to law..

or the lawyer..

well supposedly he is a hotty..

gonna have to face it..your addicted to law..

think the lawyer will be at tuesdays meeting..

count on it..gonna have to face it..your addicted to…..


anyone seen our legal bills lately