color bust

by lillythehtcat

dt slithered down..said..

boy are the azaleas at the entrance pretty..its been a long hard winter and it sure is nice to see the azaleas blooming..


i love azaleas..

well go take a look..

im not going all the way to the fact im not sure i even know where it is..

oh dont be so lazy just follow the road..

look nature lover..i have to walk down there..and back..if you werent in a car you couldnt find your way off the property..

well youre going to miss some beautiful azaleas..

wish we had some in wonderland..

oh..but we do..


by the front door..

you mean those half dead bushes are azaleas..why arent they blooming..

uh..because they are half dead..


no joke..they planted those things in the dead of the coldest winter in 30 years..what did anyone expect..

i think they expected a lot more for 6000 buckaroos..

6000…youre kidding..6000 for half dead azaleas, dead sea grass and a couple of vines..

cest la vie..

well i hope they got some kind of guarantee..

thats what the rest of wonderland is asking..