collar with a bell

by lillythehtcat

dt skipped down said..

well you and wes were right little buddy..

we are always right..wonderlands edward snowden and i..take this job seriously..i mean..when have we been wrong..this blog should be required is a beacon of truth..a light in the…

alright know what would look good on you..

you better not say a collar with a bell..

no..humility..humility would look good on you..

yeah what were we right about..

the condo fee increase..the board spilled the beans..10 per cent fee increase next year..and they are going to violate the by-laws and enact it without a vote of the association..

marie a

 let them eat light snacks

told you..wes has impeccable information..

this is madness..people are already talking about a legal challenge..

crap..this board hasnt even settled the last one..

yeah..whats the status of that..

nobody knows..board meets in secret and wont discuss it with the association..

just like the past board..

tweedle dee

totally transparent..pppffffftttttttt

they are going to have to increase the fees to pay for the lawyers..

you know what would look good on this board..


no.. a collar with a bell..