have a drink

by lillythehtcat

dt pops in says..

well little miss investigative reporter..you keep talking about this budget conspiracy..so whats in the budget..what wild crap is our board spending money on..

thats the problem..there are no published budgets..

and you are surprised..

not in the least..its part of the plan..

can’t complain about the budget or the spending if you dont know whats going on..

youve got it..and whats worse..its so blatant..

how so..

we are almost a third of the way through the year and the board has not published a budget..

theyve approved the operating budget and the capital budget but will they show us whats in them..


dont want the residents to see or know..

but its their money..

how about that..

and when they blow through everybodys money..

remember the pool..

they will ask for a fee increase..

seems people should be asking to see these budgets..ask for some accountability..

oh dont worry your pretty head about that..come to social hour..have a drink..have a bite of cheese..we are all one big happy family..

cocktail hour

we are soon to be a broke family..