strange bedfellows

by lillythehtcat

dt popped in said..

slow news week little buddy..

youre being a smart usual..


look..while youve been out working on your and wes..

thats wes and i..

havent we been through this..anyway..we have been working diligently on the expose of wonderlands shadow government..

uh huh..

remember we said that an ex-board member was pulling the strings to get a fee increase..standing in the shadows..


it gets worse..there has been a conspiracy to eliminate the opinion of those that tried to institute a responsible budget that would not require a future raising of the fees..

how so..

the capital budget committee was secret..because it disagreed with the shadow..

and the people that worked on that committee..


so the people with business sense..the people with technical knowledge..the people that knew contractors..

adios..have a nice day..

the new guy..

peed on twice..welcome to wonderland..


and the people behind all this..couldnt stand each other in the past..

wow..condo politics sure makes strange bedfellows..

strange bedfellows

strange bedfellows indeed..

looks like the pool all over again..

funny you should say that..