in the shadows

by lillythehtcat

dt trips down says..

where the heck have you been..its been two weeks since we have posted a blog..

ive been undercover..working on a top-secret expose..

top… and wes have been..

thats wes and i..genius..

no im pretty sure it was me..

youre hopeless..go on.. and wes..

why dont you just drag your claws over a chalk board..

are you going to let me tell this…jeez..anyway we have been investigating a conspiracy in wonderland..

go on..

there is a conspiracy to raise the association fees..

whoa.. seems we have a shadow government in wonderland..


shadow government.. ex-board member is pulling the strings to get a fee increase..

how is this happening..

money is being spent higgly piggly..wihout a budget..mind you..

wait..we dont have a budget..

now youre catching on..

so..spend money without a budget..

6 grand for landscaping in the dead of winter..

dig up a sewer line and replace..

but it stopped up..

because people flush god knows what down the toilet..

probably a dead cat..

watch it..oh and now spend thousands cutting down big ol trees..

but that tree is dead..

dont think so..kinda hard to tell in january..take a look now..


buds..and the regime continues to line up more boondoggles to spend money..and no budget..

and when the money runs out..

fee increase..and heres the best part..

im not sure i want to hear it..

theyre going to do it without an association vote.. have been busy.. and wes..