waiting for spring

by lillythehtcat

dt shivered down said..

well wonderland found a great way to celebrate saint patricks day..

green beer..

st p


a corned beef supper for everyone..

your not funny..

ok..what now..

the reich turned off the fireplaces..

but it was cold out..still pretty chilly for you indoor wimps..

look..this isnt about being wimpy..its about enjoying the amenities we all pay for..

id like to be enjoying the amenities of spring..but nooooooooo..no bloody spring..still freezing my tail off out here..

thats the point..we all thought temperature would dictate amenities like a..



oh the power..the power to impose your will..the power over your neighbors..the power to assert your authority..it must be very heady..

heady indeed..

well you might as well sit out here with me and wait for spring..