same old pol

by lillythehtcat

dt skipped down said..

i think the controllers have returned..

oh crap..i didnt see a moving truck..

not actually..figuratively speaking..


you know..not literally..

what the heck are you talking about..

let me explain this to you einstein..the new board is acting like the old controller board..

why didnt you just say that in the first place..

i was trying..

not very whats going on..

well the board is just doing what it wants without being open to the homeowners..

so whats new about this..

well we were hoping for a change..


uh huh..hope and change..tell me more..

first the board spent a butt load of money on landscaping and wont tell anyone how much they spent..

but i thought they were going to publish the bids with the minutes..

didnt happen.. thats it..

and they scheduled the last board meeting for 6..30 and then met at 5..30 with the associations insurance rep without telling anyone..

so whats so secretive about the condos insurance..doesnt everyone pay for the insurance..

insurance is now top secret..

wow..who knew..

look..this is the point..the board wants to do business without any accountability to anyone..


and when they blow the budget..

they will ask for an increase of fees..

see..i knew youd get it.. the new boss..same as the old boss..

in the mean time we have a broken water line at the pool that hasnt been fixed..

so no pool when the weather warms up..

not until they fix the pipes..

crickey..i love the pool..this isnt good at all..

oh oh..wait till you hear this..

my tail is straight with anticipation..

while the pool goes unrepaired they want to blow another big wad of money on some fancy schamcy piece of furniture for the lobby..

louis 16th

i hope its louis the xvi th..

marie antoinette doth approve..

marie a

spending is certainly fun with other peoples money..


amen indeed..