with a little help from their friends

by lillythehtcat

dt slides down says..

well thats one way to get the residents to quit parking in the guest spots..

what are you talking about..

havent you been out front yet..

are you kidding..theres nine feet of ice out there..its freezing..


its a quarter inch tops..

well i dont like ice..it gets between my toes..anyway whats with the parking..

a big ol enormous pine tree toppled over last night in the ice storm..


and it fell on a residents car parked in guest parking..

was it arranged..

no..just luck of the draw..

you sure..you know how obsessed some people are around here about parking..

well those people need a life..my goodness the two most important things in your life are your neighbors parking habits and dog poop..really..

hey..i get whipped up about the dog poop situation..its disgusting..

settle down..

you know there was a better solution to solving the parking debacle than dropping trees on the cars..

no one dropped a tree on the car..it was the ice..

im just saying they could have killed two birds with one cat..

ok..ill bite..how..

sling the illegally placed dog poop at the illegally placed cars..

oh good lord..

actually make that three birds with one cat..

here we go..

when we catch the obsessed rule enforcers slinging dog poop at their neighbors cars we can finally get them the help they so desperately need..and the rest of us can live in peace and harmony..problem solved.