time to rant

by lillythehtcat

well..heres something interesting..the

logo RSF

have published their ..

2014 World Press Freedom Index

and the good ol united states ranks.. number one you say.. how about….


yep..46th behind countries like romania..botswana..slovenia.. need i say more.. oh you know i will.. this blog has been under fire since its inception two years ago.  there have been techies hired to trace my computer.  there have been lawyers..yes plural..more than one..hired and consulted..to put an end to me and the blog.  oh…and the lawyers bill..paid by the condo association..and my readers in wonderland say..hey no big deal..its freedom of speech..my reply..chippy crap..

ill tell you why we are 46th..because we are not free to say or write what we want..wonder why we call the condo wonderland..besides the name being so fitting..we would be sued if we used its real name.  and why did we call the narcissistic bigoted homophobic politically correct classists who tried so desperately to impose their will on the rest of the unwashed that live here the controllers..because they would sue us for liable if we named them.

if you think that you are the subject of any of my blogs..from day one..put your name into the search window at the bottom of the page..nothing..

if you think you know the true identity of wonderland..type it in the search window..nothing..

the controllers complained to a hot shot real estate agent about our blog claiming we were hurting property values..as dt would say..effing brilliant..can you imagine the liability of destroying property values for an entire condo complex..well that was the set up..if there really is a condo named wonderland in town we may owe them an apology.

over the past two years the board of directors has met to try to silence this blog..yet none of them admit to reading it..controllers have gone to the suspects and demanded an end to the blog..does gestapo ring a bell..oh thats over the line lilly..no..46th is over the line..and what is the great offense that we commit..we poke fun at a condo association..

dt..wes and i truly appreciate our readers and friends around the world and especially our readers in wonderland..we hope we bring an occasional smile..and we appreciate those in wonderland that..as politically incorrect as it maybe..defend our right to exist..

but please dont think we have the freedom of the press..


we are only 46th..

behind botswana..




oh..happy valentines day