by lillythehtcat

again..dt crunches down..says..

you look miffed..whats up..

ill tell whats up..make one little suggestion about an ice dancing contest on the parking deck and whamo..a dump truck load of salt shows up and douses the whole joint in rock salt..


i thought we werent going to put salt on the parking deck..

whats going on around here..this is my home..and someones slinging salt at me like a gatling gun..

i dont understand doesnt anybody know whats going on..

you tell me..first the trees i climb in and now the parking deck..

maybe youre being a little over sensitive..

ill tell you whats paws from walking through all this damn salt..

youll be ok..

thats not the point..i swear theyre after me..climb a tree and brrraaappp..down it comes..

suggest an ice dance contest..

ice fall

and a daily truck load of salt shows up…

its a conspiracy i tell you..

youre putting too much weight on all this.. about this..a conspiracy of dunces..