miracle on ice

by lillythehtcat

luge 2dt crunched down said..

what are you so exuberant about..

the luge..

here we go again..

no..no..i watched it last night..

finally figured out which olympics the luge venue is in..did you..

shut up..anyway im pumped..i may shoot down the hill later myself..

you dont own a luge..

ill improvise..how hard can it be..

let me know when this is going to happen..i want to be sure to see this..

yep..a celebratory luge run..

and what are you celebrating.my little flexable flyer..

what am i celebrating..you moron..


erin hamlin..


well..now who is the idiot around here..


erin hamlin..the first olympic medal won by an american in singles luge..


and i might add..a female..

ok..ok..i get it..so whats next for my little olympic cat..

the first annual wonderland parking deck ice dancing contest..

someone salted the deck..

so thats what sticking in my paws..who did that..

good question..

well there goes the miracle on ice.