by lillythehtcat

normally lilly kicks off the blog by announcing my presence in her domain..but this morning she shows up at the front door to wonderland..

whats that in your mouth and what are you doing up here..

spitting..a frozen chipmunk..look..tink..tink..frozen solid..


and i thought you could take it up stairs and thaw it out in the microwave..

im not putting that thing in my microwave..

just for 30 seconds or so..


well how about a swizzle stick..

a what..

a swizzle stick..

and what are you going to do with a swizzle stick..

stick it up the chippys xxx and eat him like a popsicle..

good lord..your disgusting..what makes you think i have any swizzle sticks..

oh lets not be coy..we all know your affinity for beverages with swizzle sticks..


those are social beverages..

uh day wes is gonna come down and tell me they found you passed out on the floor with a swizzle stick hanging out of your mouth..

what are you trying to say..

nothing..just commenting on addiction..

like you have no addictions.. a cat..


thats doesnt count..

it counts if you are starting to look like a bowling ball with a tail..

thats winter floof..

winter floof.. fur floofs up to keep me thought that was me..

just saying addiction is addiction..

so no microwave..


no swizzle stick..


some friend you are..

im not going to be an enabler..

gin junkie..

chippy fatty..

im going..

heh..dont forget the winter olympics are starting..luge little buddy..

im not falling for that again..gotta go thaw out dinner..tink tink..