sniper bowl

by lillythehtcat


dt cruises down says..

hey little buddy are you gonna watch the super bowl..heh..heh..

whats the heh..heh about..

well we all know you dont know jack diddly squat about sports let alone football..

well for your information broadway joe..i am planning on watching..but not for the football..

ok..why are you going to be watching..

the sniper bowl..


the sniper bowl..they are going to have hidden snipers at the super bowl..i can just see some broncos fan sniper up there taking out richard sherman as he slaps down one of paytons passes..


you have lost your mind..the snipers are there to protect the fans.. mom reaches into her mom bag for a diddy wipe..the sniper thinks shes going for a piece and blooey..

i dont believe you..

really what do you think the over under is for sniper victims..

im going back upstairs..

hey..hang on..after the game these snipers are going to be unemployed..right..


we could hire a couple for wonderland..

oh god..

park your car out front and..blooey..problem solved..

your sick..

whoa..heres a dilemma..your walking your mutt and the little crap eater poops on the walk..does the sniper shoot the mutt or the owner..

im gone..

hey bring this up at the board meeting serious here….