by lillythehtcat


hey dt…hey..hey hey..

what are you so excited about..

have you heard the news..

what news..

what do you mean what news..the news about chickens..

what about chickens..

my you live in some kind of bubble..

ok whats the big deal about chickens..

im so excited i can hardly believe this..this is what i have lived for..the kingdom of god is upon me..

get on with it..what about the chickens..

metro nashville has passed a law permitting people to raise chickens in their backyards..


so..when is wonderland going to bring in the first batch of chickens..

i dont see that happening..

are you kidding..who wouldnt want chickens..right there for the taking..

youre drooling..

oh please oh please oh please..chickens right out back..hey whats for dinner lilly..oh gee..uh…….chicken with a side of chipmunk..


i dont see wonderlands condo owners raising chickens..

how about the renters..the renters will be all over this..

dont think so..

renters cant have chickens…screwed again..

this isnt about renters..

its always about renters..

you were talking about chickens.. about the people in the house on the corner..thats pretty convenient for me..

well i suppose they could..

jackpot..trot your butt over there and talk to them..

and what am i suppose to say to them..

how about..when would you like your first truck load of chickens..