tuesday morning massacre

by lillythehtcat


dt shivered down said..

where were you yesterday morning..


well we all know how afraid of machinery you are..

im not afraid..i just dont like it..no good comes from it..like yesterday morning..

what are you talking about now..you were no where to be found yesterday morning..

i couldnt bear to watch the massacre..


yeah..the blatant unconscionable destruction of two beautiful ornamental trees that adorned the front of wonderland..


yeah oh..cut down a beautiful mature dogwood tree..and a magnolia tree..


for what…


go ahead..defend this..didnt those trees belong to the condo owner whose court yard was invaded to destroy them..

uh….common property..kinda sorta..maybe…

common..uncommon..private property..who cares..they were ornamental trees..

i think they may have been cut by mistake..

may have been cut by mistake..wasnt anybody supervising this debacle..

apparently not..

so we hire a mechanized wrecking crew..say have at it and go off to work..or wherever..without a further thought..

seems so..

i bet the condo owner..god rest his soul..that planted those trees..i bet at his expense..would think differently about this..wanna bet..


anyway..why cut down ornamental trees that adorned wonderland..

i guess they were deemed unnecessary..

am i necessary..

well your little blog certainly isnt..heh heh..

and you wonder why you couldnt find me at the height of the massacre..