by lillythehtcat

dt..hey wes..wheres lilly..

wes..havent seen her this morning..i think all the demolition has scared her off..

hope shes alright..

oh you know how skittish she gets around machinery..

my lord..whats going on out there..

dont know but theyre ripping out the entrance..


you keep track of all the paper work around here..was this in the minutes.. mention..wasn’t discussed at the last board meeting..

have you seen all the workers and equipment out there..bucket trucks..tractors..trailers..chain saws and other implements of destruction..and this wasnt in the minutes..was there a vote..

well not at the last board meeting..

my lord..what is all this costing..

ah..the 64 million dollar question..

64 million indeed..

i mean arent we suppose to be saving for the big ticket a roof..

you know thats not much hey lets make a splash spend some money..let the good times roll..

and we dont know what this is costing..

well not the common folk who pay for all this..

well..we can count on one thing..

whats that..

our dues are going to be increased..


if you cant come through the front your way through the back door..

i cant stand it..lets go look for lilly.

dt and wes..wonderlands edward snowden