thank you

by lillythehtcat

while wonderlands edward snowden..wes..and deep throat are in the back..editing reader comments for our upcoming round table discussion..i would like to express my heartfelt thanks for everyone in wonderland who looked out for me during the recent cold snap.  there were at least three different shelters with bedding put out for me as well as plenty of food.  there was even an electrical heating pad in great people you all are..

what are you doing out there..


are you on the computer..


i hear your little paws on the keyboard..

just running some anti-virus software..

your writing a thank you note..thats not like you..

i wanted to thank all the people who provided for me during the cold snap…

well maybe you should take a look at this note that was up in the building..

lilly note

in wonderland no good deed goes unpunished..

who did this..

you know..everyone in wonderland knows..

i want him brought right here..with a big ribbon on his head..and I want to look him straight in the eye and I want to tell him what a sack of monkey shit he is. hallelujah. holy shit. where’s the tylenol..


ok..clark griswold..settle down..

that xxxxxxxxxx..

whoa was that a ten letter word..

yeah..and ive got more..

well that about wraps this up..back to editing our discussion on civility..happy new year wonderland..


stop it..