a new old year part 3

by lillythehtcat

the following is part three of the letter to the residents of wonderland some two years ago..

mahatma letter


2. Control: Control seems to be the biggest issue facing our community and in any corporate body there needs to be a level of managerial control for the functioning body to succeed. There are changes being made as to how this corporate body is functioning on a managerial level. Change is not always easy but corporately we are fine and these changes are being implemented to bring our community into a more harmonious state. Where the breakdown has occurred is with those who feel they need to control what they “dislike,” meaning that they want to be able to legislate corporately in the rules what a neighbor can and cannot do based on their “taste” or “distaste” for something or someone. This is the rub and the main point of contention in the building. If the laws of our country, our state, and our association are a framework for anything then they are a framework for us to live free and happy lives. Fortunately the framework presented in our deed, charter and bylaws, for what is acceptable and what is not, is sound and therefore to be trusted in developing fair rules for our community. The association’s attorney and your board will make sure that these new rules will not surpass what those founding documents allow. If I do nothing else while on this board and as president but to protect the rights of the residents, then I will feel that I have made a difference and accomplished something. I believe that so much pain and suffering can be avoided if we were able to talk on a more personal level when we feel we have been wronged rather than using the “policy” route to make a point.

3. Discrimination: From day one we have all the rights and privileges afforded to us as outlined in our deeds, by-laws, and or leases. Weather we rent or own we all have rights. Perhaps the level of hostility exhibited by some here is based on the fact that the culture as it once existed is changing rapidly. Since we all live in the same building we all have more in common economically than we may want to admit. There is no point in discriminating against those that are all in the same boat because if we continue to degrade we will all be under water.

Suppose we all take a step back and remember those that are no longer with us and consider those that are close to that next phase of their lives. In doing this we might be able to see how clearly the pettiness of life does nothing but remind us that our lives are short. We should be living our lives to their fullest. You should be out celebrating the fact that you have a wonderful home with people who are and can be wonderful. Instead of thinking about how someone has done you wrong when you pass them in the hallway, find the courage to remember something good they did or something that you liked about them. Little changes can make for big results. This letter is not only for you but for me as well and again sorry for the length and thanks for taking the time to read it.

Peace, xxxxx

P.S If you have anything negative to say in reply to this email, I urge you to reconsider and take the first step.

ok thats it..our next post will be a round table discussion of wonderlands mahatma letter..if you want to participate you can post a comment or send an email to lillythehtcat@gmail.com..all comments will be anonymous..

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lilly..dt..and wes