a new old year part 2

by lillythehtcat

the following is part two of the letter to the residents of wonderland some two years ago..

mahatma letter


part 2

The issues we as a community need to address are steeped in the culture of this building and in my opinion are counter to the very fabric of civility. When civility is abandoned there is no common decency and therefore a loss of faith and trust in people ensues. I would like to address what I think our common issues are. I believe they can be fixed:

1.Respect: Everyone, regardless of your personal views, needs to be treated with a measure of respect. This common respect that we all practice in our daily lives is the face we all wear in public and it is what makes living with others possible and pleasant. Beyond the social respect common among us there is a deeper respect that touches people’s lives when they have relationships in communities. Respect on a relationship level does not occur because someone is older, or because someone has lived here the longest, or because they are smarter or prettier or younger. This relational respect happens because it is earned. To expect respect based on a tenured view and then deny it to others on even the most basic level is ridiculous. Yet many in this building practice this method and are then unhappy that no one seems to bow to them as they would wish. The worst part of my day it seems is opening any e-mail that is associated with the xxxx Association because the level of disrespect and entitled egoism that is communicated towards me from a small minority of people is reprehensible. I do not take anything personal, however, it is uncalled for and unnecessary and it creates all sorts of hostilities where there should be none.

Regardless of what many of you have been led to believe the building is not falling apart and everything is getting done. So if you feel you are being disrespected ask yourself if you are showing respect to others. If you feel you have shown respect to others and they do not reciprocate then perhaps they too have been a victim of venomous disrespect for which seems to be prevalent here. I pray it comes to an end sooner than latter. We all have such wonderful and rich lives. Can’t we all just give each other a break? Especially, since some of our neighbors are not well physically.

stay tuned for part 3.