a new old year

by lillythehtcat

dt popped down said..

you know..we should do something different for the new year..

ive been thinking the same thing..

well the blog is titled musings..manifestos..and diatribes of a condo cat..

lets lets start the year with a good old manifesto..

the mahatma letter..it was quite long..but although two years old very relevant and timely..

we could do it in parts..with a round table discussion following the last installment..

round table..

yeah..you..me..and wes..

and anyone who cares to post a comment or email us..

good idea..

well here goes..might as well be a bounty on all of us..

the mahatma letter


installment one

Beyond the intrinsic value afforded to us as property owners and renters, there is a more far-reaching intangible value that is beyond my reach. This intangible value held within our community’s walls has a far greater impact on the actual wealth of our assets than any president, board, or law can ever hope to affect. This “intangible value” is the culture in which we live. Where we as homeowners and renters affect the wealth of our community and its “intangible value” is when the very basic fabric of civility is tossed aside like an old rag. As of late and over the course of many years there has been a culture of incivility and of intrusiveness that although I believed started off with the best of intentions, has turned into a cycle of reward and abuse. This unhealthy culture has been further exacerbated by many unfortunate and ego-driven campaigns against certain camps or groups in this community. Whether anyone is right or wrong is of no value to me since it is proven that no group will ever feel that they have been granted the favored position for which they both seek. The truth is we’re all in the same boat. Why would you punch a hole in the bottom of your neighbor’s hull when all that is going to happen is that we are all going to sink? Unfortunately that is where we are in our community. Although there has been some unfortunate behavior lately, I do see some neighbors looking out for one another and lending a helping hand when in need.

to be continued…


stay tuned