by lillythehtcat

dt stomped down..what are you so mad about..

i stepped in dog crap..


right out front..

oh yeah..i saw that this morning must have been a mighty big dog..or…

or what..

or one of those geniuses from wonderland..

dont say it..dog crap was bad enough..i mean what are people thinking of..poop right by the front door..

isnt there like a rule about pooping by the front door..heh..heh..


look..dont get me started on rules..how do you make rules for this kind of genius..

speaking of genius..are you going to the new years eve party tonight..

aaaaaggggghhhhhhhhh…its two days away..its not new years eve..

poop by the front door..new years eve two days early..

bring back the controllers..we need rules..

heh..heh..wonderland is certainly living up to its name..


happy new years..two days early..ppppffftttt..