by lillythehtcat

dt skated down said..

whats with all the clutter..

document drop..


document drop..edward snowden gained access to a bunch of wonderland emails and other documents and stuff and brought them down for us..

edward snowden..

well..not the edward snowden..wonderlands version..i dubbed him edward snowden just like i dubbed you deep throat..

yeah..let me thank you for that one..

i dont know why you get so testy over a name..

lets think about it..

naw..thinking gives me a headache..

suuurprise suuurprise..so what are you going to do with this treasure trove of information..

dont know yet..im thinking about it..

does your head hurt..


yeah why..


well youll be amazed when we start publishing this stuff..


yeah then will see who has a headache..

have you ever heard the term..firing squad..

no why..

just asking..

im going to be a hero..