by lillythehtcat

dt slips down says..

you look rough..

thanks..my allergies are killing me..wheeze…

what are you allergic to..

you mean besides people..sniffle..sniffle..


i think im allergic to leaf mold..whats going on in wonderland..usually all the leaves are cleaned up by now..cough..


yeah people are unhappy the place looked so trashy for thanksgiving..last few years it has been all cleaned up for the holidays..now it looks like nobody cares..everyone schlepping through piles of leaves..

do you think there was a leaf committee or something..you know how ineffective committees are around here..dont you people pay for leaf removal..wheeze..

seems like we pay for a lot we arent getting lately..

and you know whats worse..hack..gag..aaaccckkk..

im afraid to ask..

all the dog poop..hidden in the leaves..sniffle..right out front..right next to the front walk..whats wrong with people..nobody seems to be managing the place..sniffle..

can i get you a kleenex..

thats ok..ill just use a leaf..