maybe a beauty salon

by lillythehtcat

dt slips in says..

now what are you up to..

we are going to be rich..

youre trying to print counterfeit lottery tickets again..

no..listen..this is know what a keen observer of the human condition i am..

you dont observe people you whine and look pitiful hoping they will feed you..

well thats what pets are for..feeding..

you are not a pet.. you are a feral cat who adopted a condo..shook it down for nine meals a day and now are creating utter havoc with your blog..

lets not split hairs..

ok..ill bite..what observation is going to make us rich..

what nashville needs is a dress shop..and we can use the rooms i was going to use for lillys emporium and gift shop to open a dress shop..we can use my old logo..

dress shop.

but nashville has plenty of dress shops..

oooh..i dont think so..

here it comes…..and why not..

because most of the women i see coming in and out of wonderland look like they shop in the mens department..

oh god…

maybe a beauty salon..

im going better be honing your hunting skills because your free meals are about to come to an end..

its thanksgiving week..

not for you..

enjoy your fireplace..

shut up..

maybe it will be on for christmas..heh heh..