indoor cat

by lillythehtcat

dt trips down says..

whats up little look cold..

really..of course im cold i live outside you moron..

lighten up..your a feral cat youre suppose to live outside..

well im rethinking this feral cat business..


and i think i would look pretty cute curled up in front of a fireplace..soaking up some ambiance..

yeah me too..reality is……..the gas to the fireplaces hasnt been turned on..

youre kidding.. fireplaces in wonderland..

werent they on like the first of november last year..


but its almost thanksgiving..its 20 by golly degrees outside..what..are you all going to wait till july..i mean dont you people like pay for this stuff..whats up with no fireplaces..

the excuse is the maintenance guy  is on vacation..


thats it..

thats it..

well thats the excuse..only he knows how to turn the valve..

and the rest of you are incapable of turning a valve handle..oh it clockwise or counterclockwise..oh crap this is the maintenance man..

we are all idiots..

well i knew that..but couldnt the gas have been turned on before he left for vacation..

cant have people using costs money..

sounds like the controllers are back in charge..the fireplace nazi..

no fire for you


looks like ill stay people are crazy..