forests of azure

by lillythehtcat

dt blathers in..says..

whats with the texas radio..

you mean wonderland radio..


well i was down here listening to web radio with my ear buds..

which i am still paying for..thank you..

and texas radio came on and..well..i thought it appropriate..

did someone put red bull in your dish again..

hey that stuff is tasty..think you could pick me up a case..

absolutely what was appropriate about the song..

the maiden with raw iron soul..come on..thats ol..

what else spoke to your little soul..

well it was talking about living together in an idyllic forest and stuff and it said dont waste the know seize the opportunity..


well word has it that the board has an opportunity to unite the building..settle all differences..bring forests of azure to wonderland..sing kumbayah..

do you know what forests of azure are..



but it sounds like… know..peace and love and stuff..

how about the controllers..

those days are over..the controllers are gone..

still on the board..

so no brightly feathered negroes..

where have you cant say that..

native feathers

youre right..feathers are nasty..they get stuck in your teeth..

this is hopeless..

does this mean no case of red bull..

definitely not..

no kumbayah yet..

not yet..just a cocktail hour where everyone pretends to get along..

and im not invited..

youre a cat..with brightly colored feathers stuck in your teeth..

romping in forests of azure..