committee report

by lillythehtcat

dt wandered how did the board meeting go..

i didnt go..

what..youre my informant..deep throat..the edward snowden of the can we parody people if you are not spying on them..

it was just a bunch of committee reports..anyway ive got a good handle on what went on..people talk..

ok lets hear it before the blog people shut us down for inactivity..


blah blah blah..


blah blah blah..


blah blah blah..

oh by the way can my committee have 6000 dollars..

what for..

oh i don’t know..its hard to decide when you dont have the money….

but whats the money for..

uh..our committee..

but you dont know what you are going to spend it on..

well..we are going to have to spend some money to figure that out..

how much are you going to spend to determine how much money you are going to spend..

we are not really see we cant determine that until we start spending..

can you get an estimate..a quote..

oh no..we cant quote what we dont know we are going to do..anyway we would have to pay for a quote…


its well..uh cant stifle takes time..and money..and..well..its art..

so like buying new hallway carpet is art..

theres colors and patterns and fibers..backing and pads..warps and woofs let alone weft..and weight..oh goodness my head is spinning just thinking about all of it..we are going to need a consultant..

youve already had three consultants..

but that was preliminary consulting..

preliminary consulting.. let us know what things we need the consulting consultants for..and consultants cost..


i cant stand committee..

do we get the 6000 dollars..

unicorn 2

ive got to sneak in the building and start attending these things..