by lillythehtcat

dt skipped down said..

what have you been doing..everyone is worried..they havent seen the blog in a while..

ive been busy..fall harvest..


so what are the poppinites up to..


yeah..the new board..the mary poppins regime..you know..last year we had the controllers..this year poppinites..

mp song

well funny you mentioned that because our kumbayah..politically correct crowd has managed to further drive the wedge into wonderland..

how so..

the pc ers cant stand to think of the residents of wonderland as equals..they continue to insist on dividing them into owners and renters..

so the pc ers..the poppinites..arent so politically correct after all..

never are..

like queen gertrude said..they protesteth too much me thinks..


soooo..am i considered an owner or a renter..

neither..youre a squatter..

whoa wuh whoa whoa whoa..squatter…

yep..you pay no fees..you dont own property..you my little furry friend..are a squatter..

look..ive been here a lot longer than a bunch of those owners that think they are such hot crap..

thats another problem..you dont pick up your poop..


your a pet..your poop is suppose to be picked up and disposed of properly..

wonderland has mutts peeing in the elevator and crapping in the hall and im suppose to do what..

i would be careful if i were you..youre on the list..

what list..

the poppinites keep lists..owners..renters..and squatters..

i am not a squatter..im the cute little condo cat..

dont think youre an equal around here..wonderland has a caste system..and you are an untouchable..an outcast..


at least im not a renter..

they are above you..youre a squatter..

noooooo..even a spoonful of sugar wont make this go down..

well..just be glad youre not gay..

what..im happy..

never mind…

for lilly..


hey im still here..im the cute condo cat..im…im happy..i….