by lillythehtcat

deep throat shuffled down..i said..

welcome oh trusted informant..

youre not funny..

let me be the first to welcome you to..

stop ..i thought i would be good on the welcoming committee..i could put lilly the cat ads in the fruit basket..

and now we know why you are not on the welcoming the way..whats the word on the law su…….



the word is ..inappropriate..

i dont understand..

well..when the subject comes up its quickly met by..we are not talking about that..its inappropriate.. the wonderlandites dont know about the attorneys and..


but condo money is at stake..reputations.. about we sing a nice song..lets not talk about this..

mp song


dont worry about all that stuff that what seems like such a long long time ago..why im not sure i can even remember who sued whom over what..or how we bankrupted the bank account..or who did what to whom..well fiddle dee..thats..well its ancient history..

i dont get it..

damn it cat what part of..we are not talking about you not get..this year is all about coming together..kumbayah..rodney king..and any mention of anything unpleasant god get the hell over it..

geez dt that was sounded just like….


well welcome to the new regime..