welcome to wonderland

by lillythehtcat

dt skulked down..all sullen looking..i said..

well who licked the red off your sucker..

im bummed out with the new board..

what now..

they created all these committees and didnt ask me to be on a one..

huh..what did you want to serve on..

the welcoming committee..


you are not funny..id be good at welcoming..

i can hear it now..

hi..my name is dante alighieri..

abandon all hope ye who enter the gates of wonderland..

stop im trying to be serious..

good morning sir..

im from the welcoming committee..

oh sorry..

good morning madam..

this is not helping..

and what ring of hell..


what floor will you be living on..


you know…i dont know why i even come down here and take this abuse..

im sorry..we would have worked well together on the welcoming committee..

what..you are on the welcoming committee..you dont ever go in the building how can you be on the welcoming committee..youre just the condo cat..

oh i am an integral part..

how so..

the welcome committee delegate works the newbie over to the window and says..youll love it here in wonderland..its such an idyllic place..thats when they cue me..

cue the cat…

right..i come strolling by all fluffed up..cute and cuddly looking..and the place looks like paradise..

Morris the cat

as long as you dont come by with a baby bunny in your jaws..

hey..that was only one time..it was spring..and anyway im suppose to keep down the vermon..its my job..

uh huh..baby bunny..

do you want  wonderland to be overrun with rodents..look im sorry youre not on any committees..maybe you should work on being more popular..

im going to go back up and welcome myself to a cocktail..

and you complain about the bunnies..