a spoonful

by lillythehtcat

dt shot in said..

where have you been..everyone has been looking for the blog..

hey..i had all this work going on in the house and..

you mean parking garage..

which happens to be where I live..thank you very much..anyway I couldnt get anything done with all that commotion going on..so whats up..

well..the new board seems to be having trouble getting their act together..


ok gomer..anyway..they have been catching hell for doing business at the organizational meeting..which was not open to the association..and for not following roberts rules..

I thought they waved those about at the following meeting..

must have been fanning themselves with them..

you are saying maybe they should read them..

even the two page version they waved..

roberts rules for idiots..huh..

now.. after a bunch of emails..they want to go back and amend the minutes..of the organizational meeting..so things dont sound so bad..

so the non-board member in attendance didnt ask for a dues increase..

wont be in the rewrite..the non-board member was there as an advisor to the past treasurer advising the new treasurer..

to raise the fees..

well of course..

why didnt the past treasurer advise the new treasurer..

not invited..

because he dosent want to raise the fees..

right..persona non grata..

so lets stack the deck..

it gets better..

I am waiting with baited breath..

ive been meaning to talk to you about that..

I was being figuretive..dont be a smart ass..

by the way its bated…

get on with it..

the board has requested that..if anyone disagrees with the board..that the disagreement be submitted to the board..not discussed until the board can get their spin on it..

like rewriting the minutes..

exactly..so my little furry friend..your little blog should be submitted to the board for their clarification..and a good rewrite before publishing..

I feel an orwell award is just around the corner..

see thats the problem..youre being negative..try to think harmoniously..


ooooooooooohh..just a spoon full of sugar makes the medicine go down..the medicine go down..the…

im leaving..

well youre not being very harmonious..