by lillythehtcat

so dt comes around with a sploosh of pool water.. ok a mouthful of pool water and a bite on the nose..hey its not like a cat can carry a bucket or anything..dt says..

so your little divergence of posting pictures of the controllers has resulted in a law suit..what is it defamation..liable..copyright..what..

oh theres no law suit i was just messing with you after you made such a big deal over the snake..the dumb butt snake that got his ass run over in the middle of the road..

the snake that was on his way to eat your overindulged rump..the 4 foot timber rattler..

maybe he was on his way home..wanna make book on what floor he lived on..

oh here we go..after two fainting spells youre getting sardonic about the incident..

sarwhat..look i was well on my way to a brilliant post of the irony of the board election..complete with iconic pictures and you distract all of wonderland with your histrionic snake report..

what irony..

that the person who oversaw the draining of wonderlands bank account..aka the pool debacle..the increase of wonderlands fees..who sued wonderland seeking private information in an attempt to discredit those that didnt bow..will now be back on the board..perhaps the treasurer..

ah yes..a woman scorned..


gonna be an interesting year,