snake part 2

by lillythehtcat

after waking up from what could only be described as a dead butt swoon..well i didnt actually wake up.. deep throat threw cold pool water on me…

hey whats with the water..

you fainted little miss feral cat..

gaaak..was that pool water.. didnt wake up when i slapped you..

we will discuss that were putting me on about the were pissered about the board pictures and..

no..the rattler was real..and looking for you….oh crud..not again…

whoa..hey..not again..let me explain how cats dont like getting wet..

wet catlet me explain how real feral cats dont faint at the mere mention of a snake.. the way did you get the email from the attorney about the board pictures i posted in the blog..seems youre being sued…dt..whoa..dt..wake up..someone run get some pool water..

informant down..