by lillythehtcat

deep throat tip-toed down..said.. i glad to see you..

yeah..i know that last blog was a bit risky..nothing like a woman scorned..

what are you talking about..

the blog..the pictures..

what pictures..what did you do.. didnt read the uh… why are you glad to see me..

the snake..i was worried the snake may have got you..

what snake..

the snake all of wonderland is talking about..

oh yeah the snake..i play with those little guys all the time..

you dont have a clue do you..where were you yesterday..

well uh..after i published the uh..well..uh..let’s just say i was lying low..

how could you lie tall.. whats with this snake hullabaloo..

the workmen working on the deck killed a 4 foot rattle snake on the road by the garage..

a what…..

and it was headed for your place..

get a paper bag im hyperventilating..

yepper..five rattles..a 4 footer..looked like an anaconda crossing the road..


hey you you hear me..wake up little….