by lillythehtcat

dt and i were laughing about the boards obsession with imposing their..the controllers..will on wonderland..


the irony is they violate the existing rules to make new rules..then violate those rules implementing the rules..

and then wondered why we write this blog..

oh yes..wonderland..

purposefully kept information the residents..

rules 3

oh but they are smarter than the rest of us..

just ask them..

and heres a good one for you..

the new rules are no more restrictive than the old rules..

huh..then why bother..stay with the old ones..


let them sue us..it wont cost wonderland anything..

you know..that last law suit was only two years ago..do they know anything about it..

never read the final court order..no clue..la..lala..la..la..la…

rules 4

or what it cost..

im afraid they are about to find out..

problem is..its everyones money..

money means nothing..remember the pool..

hey..here are some rules for wonderland..

rules 2lilly